How Does Zepp Golf Work

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Isn’t it amazing that a tiny device that attaches to your glove can give you all the information you need like swing speed, club speed, hand plane, tempo etc.

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Here’s How Zepp works;

First you attach a Zepp’s swing sensor to your golf glove then open it up by pushing its button and make sure it syncs up with the included Zepp smartphone app.

If it’s your first time with Zepp, the app may ask you to calibrate the device and phone. In order to calibrate it, just stand in your normal place and address your normal position with the club. Then you just swing!

And then the system will tell you your swing speed and other statistics and it will also show an animation of your swing so you can see your top and bottom.


The Tech behind the scene

Three-axis gyroscope technology

Zepp’s high-end technology, MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) plays a huge role in Zepp’s ability to measure your game in every aspect.

This very tiny device lies in your glove hardware and sends vibrations trough the air. By this way, MEMS can understand your direction, club movements, and speed.

This is also how Zepp can create your 3D models of your game.


Dual accelerometers (B)

If you’re interested in golf, you already know that speed is one of the competitive advantages as is in many other games. The faster you are, the better and more accurate your swing will be.

In order to provide you with accurate speed metrics and information, Zepp measures the G-force of your swing thanks to its innovative dual accelerometers.

I’m sure you already experienced G-force, or in another name, gravitational force before many times.

Imagine yourself in an elevator. When you touch a button the cabinet quickly starts to rise and you feel like your internal organs are being pulled down. That is the gravitational force and that’s how Zepp’s technology measures your club speed.


Well, this one’s pretty obvious. By using latest, Bluetooth 2.1 technology Zepp provides the communication between the hardware that is attached your glove and the smartphone that’s in your pocket or golf bag.

It’s the best way to send data like swing speed, club speed, tempo etc to your Android or IOS smartphone.